Transformed from Trash to a Total Treasure

This is something I have wanted to do for sometime…the picture was in my mind now I had to translate it into the real thing,

Working full time doing something you love is very rewarding but never more than when you get to play with something thats been in your mind for such a while. Taking my passion for recycling this really is a classic case of taking something totally solid from the trash and transforming it into something truly gorgeous and useful . It has given me such pleasure working on it. This bespoke unique seat once assembled has been given a couple of coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Old Ochre then a lovely warm clear wax.  It did at this point distress itself so I let the cloth do the distressing and I am very happy with the result.

The addition of  the  shelf below add both stability and a useful spot for nick nacks etc. Finally finished off with the most beautiful Postcard fabric from Clarke and Clarke.

I am now working on a totally “pinkified ” one for a little girls bedroom and I am very excited to see how this turns out, I will be taking orders with colours and fabric chosen to order…and the cost…. well I believe a very reasonable price of £99 and dont forget no one else will have one quite like yours……….Chris x










PS  Can you guess what it started life out as x

double seat meausurements





2 thoughts on “Transformed from Trash to a Total Treasure

    • Hi Barbara. Thank you yes they are chairs. It is very ironic as I spend a lot of my time putting chairs back together but on this occasion it was the other way round. They were such well made chairs the joints had to be cut open. I then made a new frame to go across them both and added strong wide dowelling to add stability and a shelf, finishing up by upholstering the seat. I am pleased to say since going live with this a couple of hours ago I have been asked to make two more so I hope I may have filled a little niche in the market whilst recycling something totally worthwhile and earning a living whilst doing so. I always try to think out the box and try to make some nice items at a reasonable price plus I absolutely love standing back and admiring a piece when I have hopefully worked my magic on it…which I hope I have on this. Thank you so much for your positive feedback Chris x

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