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Charming Chic with Delicate Details




This charming beautiful was specially  procured for a regular visitor to Preloved.    It oozed not only charm and beauty but a depth of warmth that was clearly duly noted on my customers must have list.

It had clearly been loving cared for as it had very few signs of wear that generally  come with a piece of this age. I knew it was important to maintain the value of the wood on this one by ensuring  its beauty was still visible to all.

The first thing to do was give it a good clean ,inside out and upside down. I use that good old soluble sugar soap is the only thing that works efficiently here and as all areas of the wook were undergoing some form of treatment I knew i would be safe with it on here.  Once that was achieved and the piece clean a light sand was in order. I was fortunate at this point as no repairs were necessary at all.

Applying the amazing Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on this was a dream. The customer had chose Old Ochre and after two coats with a light sand in between it was ready for its first wax.  This piece has the most intricate detailing and as the customer had requested minimal distressing it was very hard for me not to get carried away here.

For those that dont know it is very difficult not to distress a piece when the wood is shouting out for it……..On that note many of my customers are amused by my way of working when distressing as I often suggest “letting the wood talk to us ” but I have found this to be the best and most honest and natural way of doing it.

I had also must add the beautiful rose carved knobs which where glued and screwed into the doors and drawers where taped up to avoid covering them with paint.

Onto the top …now here is where it did speak to me “leave me alone” it cried !! and thats just what I did with the exeption of a good nourishing oil following by three coats of wax , the first two dark,  and then finally a clear was which was all buffed up with elbow grease and a very fine wire wool.

The end result is a very chic but contemporary feel to a very old and tired piece. proving you can mix very old pieces with new methods and this is certainly the proof.


chev and chris


Even Harry gives it his seal of approval x


Job well done and a large coffee and chocy bun to finish xx