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Flying the Nest

Well there it went “Summer“…… know its that time of the year because instead of complaining about the weather we accept it ..rain wind and all. Its been a very strange time in the Sahin household this year lots of comings and goings. My niece Jackie currently working in Perth Australia came home for a visit just after my other niece her sister Debbie came home from a long deployment,pirate catching for the Royal navy in foreign seas. Both of these visits brought great happiness tinged with a tear or two when they both returned to there jobs far away. But the most important goodbye has had to be to my youngest daughter Mel. I am incredibly proud of Mel and after working hard in her gap year she has finally taken up residence in Manchester ,where she is studying for a degree in Religion and Anthropology at Manchester University.

In real terms this has meant that for the first time in 37 years I have no child to tend to at home and for those who have experienced this ,you will appreciate how hard it is. The realisation that your last baby is all grown up is not without tears and heartbreak. Its ironic that the more successful your children are the harder it can be as when they fly they fly high and fortunately this brings the biggest sense of pride.

So were do I go with this horrible flown nest syndrome…well there is only one place…. my workshop. Mel’s departure has meant many tins of paint have been used and many beautiful pieces have gone of to new homes and so I would like to share just a few. If any interest you please drop me a line and I will ensure you get all the information you need, and don’t forget if you would like one of your own pieces revamping please just give me a call.

Chris xx