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Sharing is Caring


I had decided to take things easy last week as I knew that this week was going to be one of my busiest ever…… in other words this had to be the weeks when all those things I had promised my gorgeous family and friends had to get done, as well as customer orders. I have a brilliant circle of family and friends and by the pieces I have done this week it shows just what an eclectic bunch they are……

Retro chairs for Nicola

from this nicola beforeto thisIMG_1139[2]


A little reflection for Laura with input from my favourite little hound  ‘Harry’


TV time for Emma and Kris  emmas 1

Anne Marie takes a seat IMG_1133[1]


 and finally a few things went to lovely new customers 













but the best pick up this week had to be thistea cupboard


Which was picked up in this !!!! love it lorry