****£80 *** Beautiful genuine solid pine vintage dresser /buffet. SOLD**

****£80 *** Beautiful genuine solid pine vintage dresser /buffet. This lovely piece has been painted with Annie Sloan Old Ochre Chalk Paint then waxed and distressed in keeping with the style of this gorgeous piece of vintage furniture. Solid pine throughout with handcut dovetail joints. Measurements are 43 inches high, 10 inches deep and 36 inches wide. Very unique piece. STUNNING X Pick up HU6 Sutton Rd Hull Delivery may be available








Vintage Dressing Table Set


Victorian Mahaogany c1926 Folding Rocking Chair given new lease

This gorgeous little piece was past its best so with a little bit of time and a tin of paint it has been lovingly remoulded into a beautiful usable piece I love it !

rocker 2


Pretty Vintage Shabby chic Dresser


Charming Chic with Delicate Details




This charming beautiful was specially  procured for a regular visitor to Preloved.    It oozed not only charm and beauty but a depth of warmth that was clearly duly noted on my customers must have list.

It had clearly been loving cared for as it had very few signs of wear that generally  come with a piece of this age. I knew it was important to maintain the value of the wood on this one by ensuring  its beauty was still visible to all.

The first thing to do was give it a good clean ,inside out and upside down. I use that good old soluble sugar soap is the only thing that works efficiently here and as all areas of the wook were undergoing some form of treatment I knew i would be safe with it on here.  Once that was achieved and the piece clean a light sand was in order. I was fortunate at this point as no repairs were necessary at all.

Applying the amazing Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on this was a dream. The customer had chose Old Ochre and after two coats with a light sand in between it was ready for its first wax.  This piece has the most intricate detailing and as the customer had requested minimal distressing it was very hard for me not to get carried away here.

For those that dont know it is very difficult not to distress a piece when the wood is shouting out for it……..On that note many of my customers are amused by my way of working when distressing as I often suggest “letting the wood talk to us ” but I have found this to be the best and most honest and natural way of doing it.

I had also must add the beautiful rose carved knobs which where glued and screwed into the doors and drawers where taped up to avoid covering them with paint.

Onto the top …now here is where it did speak to me “leave me alone” it cried !! and thats just what I did with the exeption of a good nourishing oil following by three coats of wax , the first two dark,  and then finally a clear was which was all buffed up with elbow grease and a very fine wire wool.

The end result is a very chic but contemporary feel to a very old and tired piece. proving you can mix very old pieces with new methods and this is certainly the proof.


chev and chris


Even Harry gives it his seal of approval x


Job well done and a large coffee and chocy bun to finish xx




Flying the Nest

Well there it went “Summer“…… know its that time of the year because instead of complaining about the weather we accept it ..rain wind and all. Its been a very strange time in the Sahin household this year lots of comings and goings. My niece Jackie currently working in Perth Australia came home for a visit just after my other niece her sister Debbie came home from a long deployment,pirate catching for the Royal navy in foreign seas. Both of these visits brought great happiness tinged with a tear or two when they both returned to there jobs far away. But the most important goodbye has had to be to my youngest daughter Mel. I am incredibly proud of Mel and after working hard in her gap year she has finally taken up residence in Manchester ,where she is studying for a degree in Religion and Anthropology at Manchester University.

In real terms this has meant that for the first time in 37 years I have no child to tend to at home and for those who have experienced this ,you will appreciate how hard it is. The realisation that your last baby is all grown up is not without tears and heartbreak. Its ironic that the more successful your children are the harder it can be as when they fly they fly high and fortunately this brings the biggest sense of pride.

So were do I go with this horrible flown nest syndrome…well there is only one place…. my workshop. Mel’s departure has meant many tins of paint have been used and many beautiful pieces have gone of to new homes and so I would like to share just a few. If any interest you please drop me a line and I will ensure you get all the information you need, and don’t forget if you would like one of your own pieces revamping please just give me a call.

Chris xx

















Catching Up !!

Its been a while …I know . I am constantly asked are you not working checked the website and nothing new…well thats just the point sometimes I don’t have the time and when I do ….I don’t have the relevant pics …so tonight I have decided to upload just a few of the pieces I have worked on recently and rehomed.

IMG_1795[1] IMG_1821[1] IMG_1806[1] IMG_1810[1] IMG_1792[1] IMG_1700[1] IMG_1701[1] IMG_1728[1] IMG_1765[2] IMG_1763[1] IMG_1667[1] IMG_1659[1] IMG_1642[1] IMG_1641[1] IMG_1650[1]If there is something you would like reloving please just drop me a message and I will be more than happy to give you a quote


Preloved supporting Marisa and Molly’s trek to Iceland for Dove House Hospice


Marisa and Molly have taken on the challenge to support our local hospice Dove House by trekking up a volcano in Iceland. Being the unfit coward that I am there is no possible way I would ever take on  this sort of challenge on so full support for these brave girls who are prepared  to do so. I am however more than happy to support them in their challenge. I will do this by donating 5% of all Facebook page sales from @Preloved from 04/05/2014 up to the value of £100 I will also at a later date find a piece of lovely furniture which I will up cycle and sell via a silent bid auction to help them raise the money needed. It is a brilliant thing they are doing and anything we can do to support them we will. So please check out their page and if you would like to help please do I am sure they will appreciate the support. I know I along with many others have relied on and received help and support from the Hospice. They only receive funding for 45 days per year it doesn’t take a mathematician to work out that leaves a massive shortfall every year for the Hospice to find. it is through fundraisers donations and the generous support of the community that they are able to do this. You never know when you may need their help God forbid but lets ensure if you ever do the funding is always there to offer each and every one of us the support we may need.

For more info or to donate to Marisa and Molly’s efforts please follow the following link and I will keep this page updated as to how we are doing at Preloved

Thanks Chris xx

For more information on Dove House please visit their website at



The week Harry went in Hospital


For those that know me you will know a very important part of out family is out five year old Bijon cross Westie or Wichon as the Americans like to call them “Harry”.

Harry is the most wonderful michievous funny little being who brightens our life up no end. I was never an animal lover (nor  disliker for that matter) but after incessant nattering from my children for over 30 years I thought I had got away with it, that was until my best friend Sherry and Paul decided to add one to their family !!! It appears pressure can come from all over but when the thumb screws are put on by your closest friend then you may as well surrender and that is exactly what I did. After seeing the little ball of  fluff we know know as Alfie my heart totally melted when I met his brother Harry ( actually he didnt have a name at that point) and from that day nearly six years ago he has been one of my closest companions

The day we brought him home and sized him up !

The day we brought him home and sized him up !

This month sadly saw him suffer an injury to his left back leg and this has meant the most stressful of times for him and us,. Vet visits X rays and then this week a three day stay in the hospital and an operation….. so what has this meant for Preloved .It has meant a total standstill as I have worried and fretted but happily Harry is now home on complete bedrest for ten days while we nuture him through his recovery. Happily today he has been much brighter and is the perfect patient so it has given us a little time to list a few items that I have worked on over the last week So if any catches your eye please drop me a line and we will try to oblige the meantime I will try to get the paint brushes back out again

Dont forget we accept Cash, VISA, PAYPAL and Bank transfer, and there is FREE local Hull delivery on all out items and couriers can be arranged for further afield (please email for quote)



















Towel railtallboy


green package


unique dresser